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  1. 2 years ago
    Wed Aug 5 11:37:30 2015

    I dont see them anywhere...

  2. Tue Jul 28 11:59:55 2015
    lovesong posted in Ways to look natural beautiful.

    yea, maybe it is not so difficult but the question is: will you be really so beautiful without make up as you are wiht make up?

  3. Wed Jul 22 12:49:17 2015

    I agree with Tresa

  4. Wed Jul 15 13:12:01 2015

    they are really beutiful and lovely, but actually there is no so many places where we can buy them

  5. Tue Jul 7 12:28:10 2015
    lovesong posted in Daily womens shoes.

    I like quality of shoes so choose quite expensive

  6. Thu Jul 2 10:49:36 2015
    lovesong posted in Ways to look natural beautiful.

    bt not all ladies look reaally nice without make up

  7. Fri Jun 19 12:05:48 2015

    not all have bad friends, I dont have them around me just good people

  8. Wed Jun 17 12:18:49 2015
    lovesong posted in The best celebrity.

    Eva Alordiah, yea I like her, she is special woman really

  9. Wed Jun 10 11:41:02 2015
    lovesong posted in Inspiration of day.

    The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.

  10. Tue Jun 2 12:59:47 2015
    lovesong posted in None of my shoes really fit me!.

    yea, exactly, clothes have bigger power to create our first impression than shoes...

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