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    Tue Jul 28 12:04:59 2015

    if you want to have nice not greasy hair it is very important what you eat

  2. Tue Jul 28 11:52:15 2015

    there is no just one way how to attack their attention... you must finf the one suitable just for you.

  3. Wed Jul 15 13:10:16 2015

    yea, me too think like that, they just dont talk so much as ladies

  4. Mon Jul 13 10:05:32 2015
    tresa posted in The most fav your desert! .

    bananas ice.. Do you do them by yourself or you buy them?

  5. Tue Jul 7 12:30:16 2015

    if u hv lovely people near you then all days are nice and happy

  6. Tue Jul 7 12:25:58 2015

    I hide nail polish:)

  7. Fri Jun 19 12:15:25 2015

    ha ha I work at shoes shop so I see many ladies every day who comes to buy new shoes but at home there are many pairs of shoes.. so I understand you all:)

  8. Wed Jun 17 12:24:17 2015

    yea, we all had bad friends, I am not exception too

  9. Fri Jun 12 11:37:00 2015
    tresa posted in The best celebrity.

    yemi alade, I like her, she is professional and simple...

  10. Thu Jun 11 13:22:03 2015
    tresa posted in Fans of horror films?.

    no I am not fan of horror films, I dont like them

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