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  1. 2 years ago
    Wed Jul 15 13:12:58 2015

    the best way to attrack boys attention is not to try attrack, I say true, believe in me:)

  2. Mon Jul 13 10:04:35 2015

    no, I can bet they notice all changes just dont tell us everything

  3. Mon Jul 13 10:03:45 2015

    even if these crops are street fashion, they are super

  4. Mon Jun 29 12:03:04 2015

    I have read at one article that beauty and happiness is our choice. So if you want that your days would be nicer, you need to choose to think so that your days are nice and you are happy

  5. Fri Jun 19 12:31:40 2015

    maybe he notice just doesnt say nothing about i?

  6. Wed Jun 17 12:23:18 2015

    sun cream. nude color lipstick. blue color sandals.

  7. Fri Jun 12 11:34:37 2015
    liuka posted in Ombre hair.

    yeam absolutely. But now my ideal is long straight hair. like these

  8. Wed Jun 3 13:27:28 2015

    :) actually I have many shoes, its my passion. I like buying and buying shoes so I dont have this problem. P. S. shoes are equally important as clothes

  9. Tue Jun 2 12:46:40 2015

    maybe he doesnt have money just today, maybe tomorrow he will have, dont yyou think so?

  10. Fri May 29 09:51:58 2015


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