Will crop tops come back to a street fashion?

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  2. 2 years ago

    I think its nice for woman it matches perfectly

  3. mombasy

    3 Jun 2015 Administrator

    I dont think so that there is much nudity if you wearing crop...

  4. there is nthg bad to wear crop, it is simple as other clothes... but if you want to wear this, you should need to have really good figur I think

  5. Nice clothes these crops, I serached in shops it, but I didnt see anywhere it. Where I could buy it?

  6. they are very common at the bazaars, I saw them different models and colors

  7. it is similar to common street fashion, but it is not bad, every of us have our own taste of fashiion, and it is good.

  8. yea, it is not bad that it is fashion of street, its not luxurious but quite nice

  9. but actually I didnt see many these crops at streets

  10. yea, me too, I saw them in bazaar but just a few

  11. even if these crops are street fashion, they are super

  12. they are really beutiful and lovely, but actually there is no so many places where we can buy them

  13. yea, mee to have the same prblm, I have ordered it from the Internet shop

  14. I saw them many at second hand shops..

  15. I dont see them anywhere...

  16. I have them sent from my cousin from Canada, they look very nice and match to me very much

  17. I bought one in the bazaar yesterday, it looks good

  18. how much does it cost? is it expensive?

  19. they already are the top in street fashion, but I dont like them at all

  20. I didnt see anywhere to buy thee crops so I dont think that they are very popular and fashionable

  21. i have doubts if these crops will be fashionable. I dont like them at all


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