The biggest fear of smth which you have

  1. 2 years ago

    Omg.. Tomorrow I have to go to the dantist and I am afraid of it a lot! I cannot even work normally all day bcs I am thinking about pain in my mouth which I will get tomorrow.. what are your fears which you don't like or they seem silly and you would like to get rid of them?
    For example my friend go on panic if she see a spider on wall:D

  2. I dont have fears, I am simply brave.

  3. good for you! You are lucky
    I guess that everyone has a fear of smth, just one ppl have more visible fears, another-hidden inside

  4. I dont believe that you dont have any fear, we all have something which we are afraid of

  5. I am afraid of height, I have this fear long time and it still lasts...

  6. ma bigest fear is to go to dentist, it is terrible...

  7. I am always afraid of losing my lovely people...

  8. spiders, doctors and deep water, I am afraid of swimming, these are the biggest fears:)

  9. I have also been afraid of spiders, but once time I saw on my bed little nice spider, I dont afraid spiders anymore, so I havent fears anymore

  10. I had always fear of dark, but now I havent such fear, I even dont know when I thew off this fear...

  11. dark, just small children are afraid of dark I thought still now:D now I know that this fear doesnt depend on age:D

  12. I havent fears, I really dont understand how it is possible to be afraid of dark??

  13. it is possible to be afraid of many many things, sometimes we are afraid of strangest things!

  14. Edited 2 years ago by thalae

    Yea, its true, I remember when I was afraid of cats when I was a little girl, now this fear weared off

  15. I am afraid of deep waters, so i dont go swim..

  16. I dont have fears, fears are negative emotions, need to be brave!

  17. I am afraid of being alone:)

  18. so its very simple: dont be alone!:)

  19. to go to the dentist, it is the bigest my fear and I cant reduse it in any ways.

  20. the same as me, I dont know from where is that strong this fear bt I have it all ma life.


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