Friday evening! But what to do?

  1. last year

    Hi girls, comming Friday's evening and I haven't no idea what to do? I would like to spend it nicely, have a great, active time with someone... What's is your plans for this Friday? What do you gonna do?

  2. robby

    15 Apr 2015 Administrator
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    I'm going to meeet with friends who I haven't seen for a long time:) I don't what we will do, but maybe go somewhere to sit and chat

  3. I gonna visit my parents who live in another city

  4. I'm gonna to take a relax with my family and dog. I don't have special plans for this weekend.

  5. I have a special plan for this weekend: in Saturday we have my cousin's wedding, so I am waiting it very much

  6. nice, I having bicycle trip at sunday, there will need to ride over 40 km but I believe I will do it


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