The most touching poems of love!

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  2. 2 years ago

    I'll belong to you till the very end,
    and you will forever stay as my lover and friend.
    It has been so good like this from the start,
    so darling please, trust me with your heart.

  3. The pearly treasures of the sea,
    The lights that spatter heaven above,
    More precious than these wonders are
    My heart-of-hearts filled with your love.

    The ocean's power, the heavenly sights
    Cannot outweigh a love filled heart.
    And sparkling stars or glowing pearls
    Pale as love flashes, beams and darts.

    So, little, youthful maiden come
    Into my ample, feverish heart
    For heaven and earth and sea and sky
    Do melt as love hath melt my heart.


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