What to do if my boyfriend doesn't respect me?

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  2. 2 years ago

    yea, he doesnt respect you now. but it is not too late to change everything...

  3. absolutely, people can change their behaviour, theit attitudes and customs, everything is changeable. This situation is not a disaster, you can find desicion together

  4. of course you can find a desicionjust , you need to think about this situation very good...

  5. if your boy doesnt respect you so why dont you leave him?

  6. rudeangel

    26 Mar 2015 Administrator

    He did a huge mistake, I hope that he said even sorry after all. If he blames of this you that you provocated and he couldn't control himself, don't believe in it! It's typical abuser talks.. I had a friend who had a violence boo. She was blind from love to him and suffered from his daily anger. I mean she felt this anger with her body

  7. so why need to suffer this violence?? this is not good.

  8. @Batsylee I am so sad in these days... I have had a huge quarell last weekend with my boo... I don't know what to do and what to think. I'm dissapoint of him a lot.. He slapped in my face during our dicussion. I know that it can be bcs of emotions but I cannot forget this. I have never given it for him even I am extremely angry.. but he hit me!

    Don't give up for emotions, please try to look in your situation with clear mind. You cannot let for anyone to hurt you, even that someone is your boo! Your boo should protect you, not hit you even you say smth wrong or ugly for him. If he really loves you, he never do smth what can huts you.

  9. maybe you and your boyfriend have other problems? You should need to talk about your relathionship

  10. we all are very different, so maybe you should think about it honestly?
    But its not good that he doesnt respect you

  11. its not but we can change all this bad situation, if we will not try to change something it will never be change, all depend on our wishes

  12. rudeangel

    2 Apr 2015 Administrator

    I would never let my boo denigrate me. It's unnormal in relationships

  13. agree with rudeangel absolutely. If these things happen at relationship it means that there need to think very good what are you doing with that person and why you are still with him

  14. maybe he is that person, maybe it is a fate to be exactly with that person... not all people we are with are really good

  15. so what? we can choose with what communicae and with what people be

  16. @biel peru so what? we can choose with what communicae and with what people be

    biel peru, sometimes we are blind and want to be with that only one even he behaves with us like asshole. It's true, bcs love is blind. God blessed that girls who later see that realioty and have enough caurage to leave unright ppl

  17. yea, I just wanted to say that not always we can choose

  18. if he doesnt respect you you dont need respect him

  19. yea but it is easy to say, but if she loves her bf, what then?? You need to talk about his behaviour very seriously I think.

  20. u shuld nyd to rethink your relationship with your bf

  21. to rethink is not enough, need to take real actions

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