Natural hair!

  1. 2 years ago

    A friend of mine says she wants to try out the natural hair (no fixing) look for a while. It got me thinking.. How feasible is it for a Nigerian woman to keep her natural hair and maintain the chic lifestyle?

  2. all is possible, if you wnat to have your hair natural you dont nedd to do anything for them, it simple

  3. and why should we have natural hair?? we can change their cloler, form, lenght, so it great

  4. Why should? Because or natural hair is our natural beauty, and if we feel beautiful in that way we are so its great, so thats why we should have natural hair

  5. natural hair is good, but we can accept possibility to change our appearance, I think its great. I havnt natural hair, I even dont remember what color is of my natural hair

  6. Well I am happy that my hair are natural, and they look really nice, but of course if yo dont like your natural hair color or style, you can change it without any problems. But in my opinion our natural color is our advantage and we should proud it!

  7. I also don't change my natural hair colour. For me it fits perfectly:)

  8. I dont have natural color hair, my natural color is brown but now they are black


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