Who is your fashion icon?

  1. 2 years ago

    Which celebrity do you admire their fashion style the most?

  2. i don't have a favourite celebrity :)

  3. I haved, I admire Omotola janade ekeinde :D

  4. I like Mercy Johnson and her taste of fashion

  5. I like Eni Edo and also as @Woope Mercy. They are so prety and stylish ladies :)

  6. robby

    13 Feb 2015 Administrator

    Yes, Eni is gorgeous, but i like more geneviene njani:) She has so amazing looking and also choose the most suitable clothes to her :)

  7. I like Tonto Dike and her high test of fashion

  8. Without doubt, Audrey Tatou, I like the way of what clothes she wears

  9. I like Toke Makinwa, how she speaks, how she thinks, how she dress, I like all from her!

  10. Yea, I know Toke Makinwa also, she is nice woman

  11. I don't follow by someone, I have my own fashion thinking and I don't care what other says:)

  12. kunkuliuke

    2 Mar 2015 Administrator

    Cara Delevingne is my fashion icon!!!


  13. robby

    2 Mar 2015 Administrator

    nice pics

  14. yea, absolutely, Cara Delevingne is perfect woman, I like her too

  15. Maybe she is nice, but her style is too simple..

  16. I like Katey Sagal

  17. rudeangel

    4 Mar 2015 Administrator

    I don't have the only one fashion icon.. good for me!:)

  18. Stella Damasus and Tinto Dikeh, they are super women..

  19. yea, I know Stella Damasus, she is georgious woman, very lovely and attractive

  20. Genenieve Nnaji, she is very special Nolywood actress, I like her

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